Catalina Garcia

Dr. Catalina E. Garcia


Trustee, Dallas College District 1

Dr. Catalina E. Garcia


Trustee, Dallas College District 1

Listening to Students AND Texas Business Needs

Dallas College must serve the needs of a region
that's diverse, energetic and multigenerational.

Dr. Garcia

My parents, who were brought to the USA as children, believed that education was the means for securing a good job. A graduate of a technical high school, my father was a vehicle mechanic, for everything from autos to tanks. Although she only completed fourth grade before having to work in the family laundry business, my mother was able to pass the court’s exam and work as a court clerk!

Since both were essentially self-educated, they became highly aware of how necessary higher education was becoming for their children to achieve – certification or a degree would be the keys to their success.

Learning for a

The Future of Dallas College

What You Should Expect

Education for a Lifetime

As a low-cost place to launch one’s future, expand career options and experience new opportunities, Dallas College will educate our future workforce in English language skills, critical thinking and problem solving – everything needed for being a long- term employee.

Education that Dallas County Needs

Dallas County faces unique challenges. Its population is younger, more diverse, and likely to have been born outside Dallas County. Since very few trades or technologies do not require English communication skills, Dallas College is where students’ English language skills can be strengthened through the reinstatement of those support programs needed by these creative, striving students. Equipping Dallas College graduates to tackle the challenges posed by an ever changing technology or for pursuing a career path to college will make them successful for the long term. Turnover is expensive for both the employer and the employee.

Education which helps Businesses Succeed

Right now, there’s a shortage of workers trained in the trades, healthcare, and education fields. While many of these jobs don’t require 4-year degrees, they do require in-depth, affordable training in critical thinking and problem solving, as well as the English language skills to communicate with the rest of the team. Dallas College must expand opportunities for students to get on the learn-to-work success track by equipping them with more than entry level skills and by providing businesses with the skilled staff and workforce they need for this year and the next.

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Dallas College
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Dallas College District 1 covers most of Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow in Dallas and the vast majority of Dallas County north of LBJ-Interstate 635.

Listening to Students
Texas Business Needs

Richland College campus in northeast Dallas

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